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Without seam weaving industry: Innovation of science and technology wins will ho

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Innovate independently in the light of the enterprise the current situation with weaker ability, city Economic Development Board makes industry of manufacturing industry of justice black city oriented catalog, transform promotion convention industry, be encouraged energetically and develop equipment manufacturing industry, accelerate construction of industry technology center, guide an enterprise to enhance ability of own research and development.

At the beginning of May, city Economic Development Board is preliminary already business of the industry that finish is oriented of catalog make the work, " industry of industry of justice black city is oriented catalog " first draft already also extended to seek an opinion to the enterprise. Industrial business directs catalog points out clearly encourage development, allow to development, limitation develops and prohibit, the industry that washs out development and project, can optimize resource configuration, advance enterprise innovation, guide an enterprise to be transferred to benign investment direction, make sure industrial science is reasonable.

Since this year, city Economic Development Board guides an enterprise actively to increase devoted strength, pay attention to technical innovation. 1-6 month, ability of justice black city changes a project to put on record in all 91, the enterprise declares project of innovation of province key technology 2, the province is answered technical trade barrier project 3, province key is new and high technical project 1, project of provincial new product 9, province informatization project 1. In guide actively while the enterprise declares provincial technology center, economic Development Board still begins construction of center of technology of class of justice black city first. This year, justice black city declares center of provincial company technology 2, 4 enterprises such as suitable hour hand, Jiadelai, new light, Jin Hong are judged to be justice black city center of technology of industry of city of the first batch of justice black.

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