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Without seam weaving industry: Innovation of science and technology wins will ho

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“ this year May, we arrive without a few members that seam weaving guild Italy center of FAVARDIO STUDIO research and development goes to Shengdongni study makes an on-the-spot investigation, gains is very big. ” justice black is not had seam weaving guild secretary-general to make Ning Shen have feeling, the collaboration that develops business through as top class as the world raw material, interactive, their horizon was developed a lot of, had closer understanding to own innovation.

Regard the one large dominant position of justice black city as the industry, without seam garment industry to start at going up century 90 time end, through development of more than 10 years, the industry realized production value 2006 many yuan of 50 RMB, crop holds countrywide total output 80% , 15% of global total output. Nevertheless, justice black city is not had seam garment industry to be on technical level and innovation ability, lag behind at international advanced level, restricted the farther promotion of the industry.

To solve technical weak point board, in September 2007 portion, the pull wires of Economic Development Board is in city and bureau of science and technology builds the bridge to fall, city is not had seam dress guild to establish established justice black city to not have seam research center of dress science and technology, assemble Italy major of Milan of center of FAVARDIO STUDIO research and development, Italy does not have Shengdongni seam dress stylist, Shanghai the spin of the universities and colleges such as Dong Hua university and place of scientific research courtyard is professional technical qualified personnel, and top class raw material develops the world business, the own innovation ability of exert oneself industry.

Time of “ brief half an year, they gained very great success, at the beginning of this year, justice black city is not had seamed research center of dress science and technology to pass hall of province science and technology to make an on-the-spot investigation, become service center of innovation of science and technology of first provincial district of justice black city. Controller of Economic Development Board of city of ” justice black expresses, the buildup of own innovation ability promoted justice black city not to have the core competition ability that seams knitting greatly.

With the market development is rely on, manufacturing industry of justice black city involves all commodity trades almost, the “ of industry of a batch of advantages such as knitting hose line of business, dress depends on city and give birth to ” , formed slide fastener in succession, make line of business of pen, cosmetic, hose, dress, handicraft, adorn article wait for base of property of 10 states level.

While manufacturing industry group changes development, the enterprise innovates independently administrative levels of whole of ability weakness, industry is not high, core competition ability is shown not by force increasingly. Data shows, the scale that funds of research and development of business of justice black city takes sales revenue still is less than on average 0.4% , amount of expense of development of whole town technology is in 14 economy strong county list 11 only, earnestly of own innovation ability wants promotion.
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