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"The world does not have stranger " T-shirt activity

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The Olympic Games 2008 is in Beijing ─ Beijing is held, the athlete that comes from world each district and tourist will collect Beijing, collective testimony grand occasion of this Olympic Games, have all sorts of culture communication. The slave of brand left red that is dedicated to promoting district culture all along Giordano believes pose of an a smile, gay, handclasp, every tiny movement, can accomplish a macrocosm that does not have stranger. Can share, won't unfamiliar. Disentomb from inside share beauty new issue, the world will have unfamiliar border no longer.

Accordingly, giordano is special nowadays Xia Long rolls out “ world to do not have compensate of T of stranger ” theme again, invite the world each district such as land of the home in coming from, Hong Kong, Taiwan, England, United States, Japan and Singapore person of 12 artists, creation undertakes crossing bound communication, creation gives 16 to give priority to the T-shirt of the problem without stranger ” with “ world, be in this concept with distinctive form in the life on the commonnest dress ——T compensate expression comes out. Put on the T-shirt simply, everybody is OK earnestly practise what one advocates supports this belief.

“ world does not have compensate of T of stranger ” theme to will begin formally at was in Beijing in June, at the appointed time 16 design the edition of distinctive, set limit to that does not have craftsmanship to inscribe T compensate to will come out ceremoniously, the friend that invites Beijing witnesses what this tries to be unique to step bound collaboration plan jointly, take the lead in feeling the magic power of these 16 designs, build a world that does not have stranger in all. Besides, giordano will invite a few in 12 artists to be participated in more begin ceremony, capital wet person expects please!

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