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Jump out tiger door sees tiger door -- 8 big breakthroughs aid transition of tig

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Culture breakthrough
Build full-bodied fashionable culture atmosphere, build new culture order, the plan invests culture of vogue of door of tiger of 200 million yuan of construction to demonstrate central kimono to install culture museum. Wait for development through garden area, alliance platform is reasonable introduce spokesman of dress stylist, model, actor, brand, still will wait for a school to run a school jointly with Beijing dress institute, develop fashionable person with ability.
Environmental breakthrough
Increase an environment to administer strength, throw every year two, 300 million yuan improve urban environment and natural zoology environment, make “ appropriate Shang Youyi live the new tiger door of ” . Strengthen urban government, make tiger door becomes liaison man the new city of austral seaside haven with prosperity of convenient, trade, civilized and active, orderly culture. Bring from “ as a way of endowment as a way of of fetching ” , “ brings as a way of of ” trend “ wisdom ” , draw high-end talented person with abundant living wage and superior environment, condition resident tiger door.
Mechanism breakthrough
Build innovation of science and technology of town, village, industry to work 3 class manage a network, established a town main leader catchs science and technology the working mechanism of the first productivity, form numerous branch to coordinate the aspect that catchs innovation of science and technology consistently. Build society of science and technology, the communication that strengthens pair of businesses and guide, organize technology of of all kinds scientific research to tackle key problem.
The Guangdong province dress that play establishs in tiger door guard detects central action, the quality that offers the ” of “ one continuous line from cloth expect hand-me-down to press down garment industry completely detects examine service.
Conduct propaganda popularizes a breakthrough
Insist to do good China (tiger door) international dress Fair, seek the breakthrough that exhibits meeting form and content ceaselessly, be in especially internationalization, specialization, commercialize, the breakthrough undertakes on informatization, make become major of domestic and international old brand, famous brand to exhibit meeting.

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