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Jump out tiger door sees tiger door -- 8 big breakthroughs aid transition of tig

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Tiger door relied on to make in the past, rely on trade now, rely on vogue in the future. We want “ to jump out dress makes clothing, jump out tiger door sees tiger door ” . For this, tiger door realizes effort “ ” of 8 big breakthroughs:

Business encircles a breakthrough
Promote traditional distributors the group. In order to enrich the people commercial edifice center, include market of costume of the 22 dimensions on the home, this is a traditional and mature dress trade group.
Perfect group of trade of complementary makings form a complete set. It is bibcock with market of cloth of tiger door international, collect 10 bedding face complementary makings bazaar, the supplier of form a complete set that this is industry of tiger door garment is encircled.
Garden area is broken through
Had built division of garden of a fashionable originality, will build to be core element with ” of “ popular fashion, it is both wings, service with alliance and network the new-style service system at fashionable industry catenary. Infrastructure and Lou Yu build division of garden of governmental investment build, transform a few old factory building, attract company headquarters settle, choose outstanding stylist atelier, vogue to serve orgnaization of orgnaization, fashionable media, vogue to teach an orgnaization to wait enter garden area.
Platform breakthrough
Exert oneself catchs industry of garment of door of good “ tiger to promote torch of country of ” of center of innovation of technology of dress of door of central ” , “ tiger, “ to plan dress of Dongguan tiger door design and ” of base of production characteristic property and “ Guangdong province innovate the first batch demonstrative major presses down ” this. Industry of garment of stimulative tiger door upgrades and market competition ability. Through torch base of plan characteristic property and innovation set an example professional town plans carry out, promote tiger door dress force of own innovation ability, area and market competition ability.
Brand breakthrough
Tiger door establish dress by “ civilian card ” is transformed to ” of “ famous brand, with the brand development urges the strategy that the industry upgrades, came on stage " tiger door guard carries out famous brand to drive strategic work program " , build achieve mechanism of famous brand drive. The government takes out special fund to reward label of famous brand name from inside finance, 1 million ” encourage “ offer a reward the enterprise is contended for achieve well-known logo. Up to now, tiger door already cashed reward many yuan 1000.
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