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Brand of garment industry leader: They say summit summit hour so

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Brand of garment industry leader: They say summit summit hour so

"Not tired Yu Su, do not act the role of at content, clean-fingered at the person, do not jealousy at numerous "---The style results from state, the state changes the life.

The consciousness when grace is perforative in the originality at every work when, those who bring people is the adore with colourful Jing. "Song force thinks of " not character style, talk about grace only.

Brand of garment industry leader: They say summit summit hour soSong force thinks of: Grace is our style

Shenzhen song force thinks of dress Xia Guoxin of president of industrial limited company

Song force is thought of can take style large award I am very glad. Song force is thought of devote oneself to to portray the style with him particular brand all the time, this kind of style is elegant, have feminine taste. Through these year accumulate ceaselessly, got industry eventually today approbate, also got the client's self-identity. Because understand according to me, "The selection of " of large award of year of Chinese dress trademark has each personage to be participated in jointly, include each levels such as professional personage, client. Personage of all circles of special acknowledgment society includes the attention that force of media singing in antiphonal style thinks of. Special acknowledgment supports all the time and like our faithful customer that song force thinks of, I think is they bring song force to consider a such success. We still can continue hard, regular meeting is done weller.

Song force considers a brand consistent importunate style is grace has feminine taste at the same time, our fixed position is advanced white-collar, this kind of advanced white-collar has distinctive pursuit in the metropolis on the career commonly, they are successful females on the career, be to be gone after somewhat on the life at the same time, enjoy vogue of the life, pursuit. The relationship of a kind of balance is sought between career and family. The style that song force considers a product is complete hit the point this group of clients, grace, easy, decent sense maintains in the job, there is feminine taste very much again in the life at the same time. This also is us the brand comes how many years a consistent importunate style.

Song force considers the dominant brand that hopes to be able to become domestic daughter to install in pursuit all the time. The ceaseless effort that future also hopes pass a company can make he is on brand management internationalization, organic meeting enters an international market, make the Chinese brand that has world force. This also is the dream that song force thinks of much teenager to always hold to pursuit. Song force thinks of a brand to come from France, we are the core culture that consider as song force with French grace all the time, blend in Oriental soft beauty, elegance again at the same time. Force of hope future song is thought of can do better more in this domain.
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