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Luxury brand humble pulls case admire to seek the way of the new student in Chin

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Luxury brand humble pulls case admire to seek the way of the new student in China In the past 70 old in, regard Italy as brand of high the latest fashion, phenanthrene pulls case admire (Salvatore Ferragamo) company headquarters had not moved that to be located in Italy all the time Fei Luoni · of Foluolunsa Sipini is big.

However, when holding global celebration to receive a brand to found 80 years on March 28, 2008, on the dock of the center of passenger transport of international of new Shanghai harbor that this company selects the site in edge of yellow Pu Jiang to just be opened however.

Luxury brand humble pulls case admire to seek the way of the new student in China Lai of Mi Kai of CEO of case admire group is pulled in phenanthrene Sa of · Nuo Er (Michele Norsa) in the explanation, 10% what at present big China area can be Feilagemugong every year to show its gain, the market of this tremendous and rapid growth is the stress that the brand develops next. And Shanghai, it is one of cities that have index sex most among them apparently.

As the follow-up of celebration, this company returns meeting v/arc be on the throne the exhibition that at the MoCA inside Shanghai people park contemporary art gallery holds by a definite date 40 days, item on display includes a shoe to walk on, bag bag, dress, scarf and gem, and raw material, skin expects and be famous client's custom-built wood last. Pull case admire according to phenanthrene the in Europe and North America market experience before this, no less than although the city of Chinese more than 5 million population has 20 many, most Hesperian can remember only however among them 56 same, most Chinese also can remember 56 come from abroad extravagant brand only. Phenanthrene pulls case admire to hope the Chinese can remember it through such activity apparently. “ this is us the foundation in Chinese strategy, I believe we can make one of 6 international brands that are remembered by the Chinese very quickly. Sa of ” Nuo Er says.

Phenanthrene pulls case admire with shoemaking craft famed at the world. Does father humble pull case admire to once was star Ge Litai? Fine treasure, Ao Daili? Hertz this, Ma Li Lian? Dream dew and shellfish grand madam, Saqieerfu the political circles distinguished personages such as the person is custom-built cross shoe. Come for years, phenanthrene pulls case admire to holding the convention of Italian household company all the time, act is low-key, the manner is precise. No matter be brand image, or market strategy is very composed, it uses the public relations activity of do sth on a large scale rarely, concentrate more energy in the attraction to cause client to mix however safeguard on.

The Sun Zhe that there is rich experience in fashionable media group says, this is the tradition of Italian household company, similar still have PRADA of famous and extravagant brand, they are in China first rich rise that has very tall brand conviction He Zhongcheng to spend among a flock of people. They and GUCCI or LV are different, hind both have the incorporeal person that two stylist regard Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs as the brand respectively, so stylist became a brand to direct. And Feilagemu does not have a change to technical pursuit for years, what they need now is to use more positive step to extend larger market space only.
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