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Chinese brand is lifted " foreign aids " hot

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After afterwards achieved the brand such as king of world, Kai to introduce the stylist of France, Italy in succession last year, this year, more and more China brands also begin to introduce the sale group of foreign stylist and abroad, the hope relies on international force to promote the brand to high end.

   Momentum of ” of wind of transition of men's clothing “ is the most powerful

Men's clothing is the momentum in ” of wind of this “ transition is the most powerful, inviting the stylist with famous foreign country and craft to make division have promotion to the brand is the most important vane in this transition wind.

Provide most representative is the · of French stylist Daniel that 7 wolves invite to invite the “ that Faruite makes is brand-new stylist brand SEPTWOLVES” , the dress of new brand at going up lunar base appears formally. A series of this dress that are located in the 25 social elite that come 45 years old to consume a group surely, so-called competitor is the international brand such as BOSS, ZEGNA, BROOK BROTHERS, ARMANI, BURBURRY. As we have learned, 7 wolves still plan to develop 20 areas in and other places of Beijing, Shanghai this year the “ of above of 800 square metre ” of house of life of 7 wolves man, promote the high end of the brand the gender.

The men's clothing brand such as Yageer and village auspicious laid the view the market, foreign aids of hope have the aid of promotes the brand of oneself value. Yageer finished a sea with Chinese dress the biggest line of business outside buy, bought the men's clothing business of company of KELLWOOD of American dress tycoon with 120 million dollar. And Zhuang Ji recommended share of market of American high-grade men's clothing Joseph Abboud of the first men's clothing brand. In addition, the brand such as bird of announce good news also unwillings to lag behind euqally, introduced technology division of Italy, pay attention to the brand that emphasize and promotes the dress and detail.

Female outfit brand is built as much went up ” of wind of this “ transition, snow lotus cashmere rolled out “ to change a few days ago body ” is politic, not only the autograph made an appointment with Li Bing ice to be spokesman of chief brand image, vogue of Lebelleforme of company of UTA of group of as fashionable as American authority still management, Italy designs a group to reach strategic collaboration, its international brand mixes have the aid of channel is retail the administrative system with advanced respect.

   The price after domestic consumer worries about transition rises considerably

Face the ” of wind of transition of “ high end with domestic dress approximately enthusiastic brand, the reporter arrives through covering knowledge, the customer that has an in part about supports positive attitude, think this can change country the design is opposite relatively the situation of “ earth ” ; And what more consumer care is price issue, most person thinks domestic brand is after transition the price can rise substantially.
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