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"The forum of path " height with the network successful sale of dress brand is h

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"The forum of path " height with the network successful sale of dress brand is held in Wen Zhou On April 16, 2008, the forum of path ” height with the network successful sale of the “ dress brand that sponsors by Netease in Zhejiang Wen Zhou is held, this is forum of height of industry of garment of city of afterwards Netease spring later weigh a pound to hit out again. Forum theme accomplishs brand ” for “ network, netease hopes the Wen Zhou in one of town of military importance of Chinese garment industry, through discussing the new change new trend of Chinese costume market, help dress brand finds implementation market sale and the new method that the brand breaks through. Company of expert of domestic famous sale, survey orgnaization expert, representative and many of high level of famous clothing company one, join real brand case, how does the “ that discusses company of lukewarm city clothing to care generally jointly apply a network to make the heat topic such as ” of internationalization dress brand.

"The forum of path " height with the network successful sale of dress brand is held in Wen Zhou Regard our country as one of main garment industry base, wen Zhou presents a company on the whole the situation with general phenomenon of the numerous, treatment that stick a card. As in recent years our country Fujian, Guangdong and manufacturing industry of treatment of dress of and other places of ministry of Chinese and Western rise abruptly quickly, and international trade camp is ceaseless grow in quantity, the way of the treatment that stick a card goes harder and harder. Companies of a lot of lukewarm city clothing begin to seek make own and strong brand, had emerged revealed the school of bird of announce good news, Zhuang Ji, law, well-known trademark such as dark horse.

However, companies of more lukewarm city clothing still face the quandary that the brand breaks through. Model dress brand, normally the practice is beautiful big money, ask star acting character, large-scale put TV on advertisement. Be not all enterprises to have such actual strength on one hand, on the other hand, the result that can obtain to this kind of method also is put in doubt. And be in as the mainstream network media such as Netease of force of field of masses life, consumption strengthen ceaselessly, companies of a lot of lukewarm city clothing saw the new approach that makes strong brand, how can understanding of pressing hope just have successful network sale.

On the meeting, neozoic market monitors orgnaization vise general manager to hold Xiao Mingchao of research chief inspector concurrently to express, look from survey data, the frequency that dress consumer gets online and time are longer, because this dress brand has a network,promotion suits very much. And from consumption decision-making above look, the factor that consumer of a dress considers when buy is very much, single ad style sale has captured them very hard. Dress brand need and consumer interact many a little bit, and Internet is in this respect is undoubted advantaged, not only cover a range wide, have the characteristic such as tall interactive sex, tall experience sex more, can better the distinct personality that communicates dress brand and connotation. Keep abreast of and pull quickly inside information in culture with international dress brand nearly the difference that waits for respect of brand soft actual strength, make the Chinese dress brand that makes noisy in the world.
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