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Card of top grade of platform of fashionable dress week and culture promote in a

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Card of top grade of platform of fashionable dress week and culture promote in all Although series of Qiu Dong of 2008/2009 of week of China International fashionable dress releases an activity to already rang down the curtain at was in Beijing on March 31, but we see gladly, chinese brand moves toward high-end footstep to begin from week of current the latest fashion, of China achieve a design to there is more show on this platform formerly, chinese culture, Olympic Games and environmental protection theme most the favour that accepts stylist. The news briefing of work of two teachers and students that famous school holds contest of design of 2 the news briefing of autumn winter fashionable dress that there are brand of 18 China and foreign countrieses and stylist in the time of a week of by a definite date, fashionable dress and 3 China and foreign countries releases field in two Beijing restaurant and D·PARK Beijing are met. Still include to design contest news to release in nearly 40 professional activities, a series of activities such as lecture of fashionable salon, popular trend.

Card of top grade of platform of fashionable dress week and culture promote in all Clear market fixed position presses new brand conventionally, annual the autumn winter series of week of China International fashionable dress was a brand to release in March, this the biggest characteristic is force of hair of concentration of a batch of new brands. From Chen Juan's red on March 26 JudyGalaxy brand female outfit begins, NOTTINGHILL(Nuo fourth hill) men's clothing of series of stylist of Da Wei " of emperor of men's clothing, " , to March 30 " set of stylist of international of 7 wolves " Septwolves is advanced men's clothing presses an axis. In this batch of brands, "7 wolves " SEPTWOLVES and " of " emperor Da Wei showed the attitude of promotion, turn the stylist set of fixed position high end namely. "7 wolves " carries gimmick state luck of law of · of famous stylist Daniel rolls out SEPTWOLVESbyDanielFaret brand especially, be like Fujian 7 wolves are industrial Inc. president character of Zhou Shaoxiong place, it is to increase brand of the stylist in SEPTWOLVES to contain Troy, move toward market of international fashionable dress stage by stage, make SEPTWOLVES the China International brand on the first real significance. The men's clothing of " of " emperor Da Wei that is characteristic with China culture element also went up a step---Roll out the " emperor with higher fixed position series of stylist of Da Wei " . Of course this comes from a brand to design chief inspector Ceng Fengfei's indefatigable effort. He had made the attempt of a few season on fashionable dress week for this, so this issuance more resembling is the commercialize achievement report that he makes. "Show of fashionable dress of red ·s" concept brings a gules tornado not only for week of current the latest fashion, more important advocate Chen Juan of famous model of the person that achieve is red the fixed position of the dress brand JudyGalaxy that should behave her with the attitude of a kind of avant-courier---Narrow numerous professional brand, in order to show her desire in order to be in of garment industry accumulate and in the market him open up heaven and earth. Model course of study is in to the development crossing a boundary of fashionable dress course of study domestic and international already not was a new topic, agent of famous to this model barks sweet-scented osmanthus thinks, this process won't be successful, but a new market exists, certain someone goes trying. In men's clothing brand, NOTTINGHILL(Nuo fourth hill) men's clothing already in the market stand firm calcaneal. It is this on the fashionable dress week that sends black gray attune, its appearing is with colour get victory, the men's clothing of its pink series is a hotspot, but to it corresponding issuance the originality of formally whether a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role is worth deliberate. The trend releases market course to install Zhou Zhong at the appointed time originally, "Love ascends recreational men's clothing of fort " business affairs and " wave department to ascend " insulated cold wear to represent course of study of Chinese fashionable dress to release popular trend as before. From issuance dress design in light of, the dress that conveys an idea only is very few, dress more hasten is practical. Men's clothing is released in, the arena that brand of Cabbeen card guest is blazing new trails is done most successfully on the balance of form and formal dress design.
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