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Guangzhou brand dress joins in - class Buddhist nun road

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Guangzhou brand dress - class Ni Lucheng invites you join in! Class Buddhist nun road dress limited company, opened the first BALENO in July 1996 (class Buddhist nun road) since brand shop, already was in up to now 270 many towns of domestic opened many 2000 branch, wait for big city and each sea peripheral to have much home branch and many store in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore. Abundant actual strength, realized the management of much brand series; Good quality, the price of in a popular style and outstanding customer service make the road becomes Debanni one of dress brands of the first selection in consumer memory.

Review development course of 10 years, road " in a popular style, content exceeds Rangbanni the common feelings of people of brand culture development that is worth " , already had exceed much name to join in client and we establish the cooperative relationship that exceeds 3 years of above, join in Buddhist nun of class of Guangzhou brand dress road, will give you one is had be famous in countrywide a gleam of the opportunity of well-known trademark, get the investment platform of stable and long-term redound, our modernization management and assist a method to make your management more relaxed.

Join in Guangzhou brand dress- class Buddhist nun the advantage of the road and safeguard

BALENO (class Buddhist nun road) have youthful and the major that has drive supports an army, will be without reservation to reach its modernization management management hang experience and all joining in that inn is shared. And with its professional and perfect rear service supports a system to join in inn makes major assist auxiliary, basically include following advantage and safeguard:

1.Head office has the successful experience that runs more than 5000 store;
2.Obtain know a spent brand access extremely high, the instant promotes shop advertisement effect and appeal force;
3.Obtain the right of administration that designates area, avoid malign competition, safeguard investor interest;
4.Study, master advanced retail reach administrative experience, all one's life benefit from;
5.Comprehensive business analysis and investment reclaim estimation, reduce investment risk to the greastest extent;
6.The major management before head office provides start business grooms and the service grooms;
7.Active inventory management reachs timely promotion, sale Yuan Chao's competitor
8.Head office accredits commissioner to assist practice to reach offer sale strategy, share pertinent information
9.Perfect inn is long reach employee to groom, take the market with considering customer service Wu outstandingly to win;
10.Net of couplet of computer of 5000 inn of countrywide, provide information of seasonable and quick kinds or types of goods and professional and detailed analysis forms for reporting statistics; Opportunity of give first priority to is grabbed on competition;
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