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Fontal city shoe takes the industry voice of odd backside of brand a list of nam

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Fontal city shoe takes the industry voice of odd backside of brand a list of names posted up Shoe of 2008 springs city takes consequence of brand producing area to investigate last week after publish a list of successful applicants, have already inside course of study applaud sound, also have doubt reputation. Although investigate means to obtain extensive self-identity, but the result of investigation has some of unexpected it seems that. But the discovery after be being interviewed through the reporter, many an unexpected winner also are there is good reason for it, the sale of a brand and force are not direct link up with, there still is very big concern in the layout inside area with the brand.

Fontal city shoe takes the industry voice of odd backside of brand a list of names posted up An unexpected winner and region composition are relevant

After consequence of producing area of brand of 2008 springs state investigates publish a list of successful applicants, the personage inside many course of study calls a reporter in succession, have an inquiry already, also have doubt, end arrives a bit, it is the brand that thinks a lot of sales are done well, why be seleted or discharge latter. With respect to athletic brand, the personage inside many course of study thinks, how to step be terminal no matter to cover a range or advertisement promotion is done so that reach the designated position relatively, get provide cacique brand to also calculate most solid return to the name. But other findings has it seems that violate general to this industry impression, e.g. , jordan, Mulinsen did not enter a list of names posted up unexpectedly, and noble bird, love is happy, inferior ceremony De Zecheng is bigger an unexpected winner, because inside many course of study the personage looks, these 3 brands are in the terminal layout south Fujian is less, advertisement puts in also do not calculate much.

In dress board piece, the personage inside course of study thinks, 9 herd king, tiger, before card of 7 wolves, seven lives apart 4 no wonder, but, si Deya's rank is mixed in benefit man before interest bully, also make a person accident quite.

Noble bird becomes the biggest an unexpected winner it seems that. In crossing a reporter to interview, the personage inside many course of study is right this brand in last few years flying development supports more positive attitude. Chamber of commerce of line of business of fontal city shoe expresses about chief, noble bird is current sale dimensions of whole, before entering fontal state 5. And the personage inside the course of study of river of another permanent advance expresses, noble bird was used compare different outspread pattern with general brand, for instance, it from at the beginning, pay attention to the fast dilate of terminal very much, manufacturer is bigger also to the supportive strength of channel business and terminal. Additional, the likelihood also is this second result mainer reason is, noble bird chooses to be in Fu Shaquan puts bus TV on advertisement on rapid movement of the high speed austral the Fujian of 3 ground, basically suffer numerous group it is business affairs personage and student group, it is with the main target of this second investigation inside same range, obtain taller self-identity to spend understandable also.
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