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Spin look forward to to quicken brand strategy hope for to had been held out " c

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Spin look forward to to quicken brand strategy hope for to had held out ” of “ cold winter It is the RMB appreciates on one hand reach production cost to climb litre, it is the United States on one hand second borrow economy of the whole world below crisis influence to put delay, because market demand is abate,purchase business accept hard rise in price, in double-faced converging attack, the company of Chinese spin clothing with meager gain underwent unprecedented stern test, export even spin dress magnate not exceptional also.

Limited company of group of Guangdong silk spin (next weighing that “ Guangdong silk spins ” ) president Cai Gaosheng is in the 103rd wide hand in accept on the meeting " daily of the first finance and economics " when interviewing, say frankly, exit has pressure this year, we answer “ measure is, increase own brand silk beautiful exit strength and through improving a product additional cost rises in price, still have in addition expand inside need. ”

Spin look forward to to quicken brand strategy hope for to had held out ” of “ cold winter Hardship rises in price

Guangdong silk is spun in current wide hand in on the meeting mostly dress product quoted price raises 3%~5% , cai Gaosheng thinks, this does not follow to go up likely the extent that the RMB appreciates, but be faced with international to consume market depression and competition of person of the same trade increasingly intense, dress product is impossible to rise considerably like international grain price, can receive the short sheet of 3 two months temporarily only, return meeting ground next market demand and purchase business to accept rate progressively readjust quote.

Since this year, the United States exports the forehead to drop a little, and the European Union although because cancel quota market to good, but purchase business to reject to accept the condition that changes euro settlement of exchange below current condition with the European Union of dollar settlement of exchange all along, the dollar appreciates to also be worn in nibble quickly the profit that exports an European Union, prospect of market of this two big export nots allow hopeful. The n/COL the head of a family person that has 50 old foreign trade to export the history, total assets to amount to 6.3 billion yuan of enterprises as this, cai Gaosheng realizes cold winter is coming clearly, await him will be a tough fight.

After all can a few into the cost impute to that rise abroad purchase business, the reporter is in wide reach the understanding on the meeting to numerous spin look forward to to be opposite in this heart abysmal, quote exorbitant concern lost order, and if rise in price,do not follow to go up the RMB appreciates will likely deficit, spinning look forward to to think outcome will be likely this year generally is a very hard year, after holding out the past, next year situation may take a favourable turn somewhat.
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