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Generation of elegant dagger Er processes world famous brand more want own brand

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Dagger Er generation processes world famous brand more want own brand to infiltrate Euramerican The brand shop of elegant dagger Er that Yageer buys core of the men's clothing below banner of American dress tycoon to leave a west lake the closest is about to open business

27 days, a brand shop with the most intimate from the west lake circle of elegant dagger Er opens business. This brand shop is located in east slope road, cost of elegant dagger Er is purchased many yuan 5000, the area is 300 much square metre. Before this, before the group finished Yageerji to rank to American garment industry 5 appear on the market the branch of men's clothing core with company subordinate KELLWOOD of group of new horse of —— Hong Kong buy. Long strand the Chinese garment industry at lower part of curve of smile of international industry catenary, the first good news was received 2008. Process of internationalization of brand of company of Chinese spin clothing stepped the one pace of materiality.

Dagger Er generation processes world famous brand more want own brand to infiltrate Euramerican Productivity will become Yageernian 80 million times the world is the greatest men's clothing enterprise

Yageer is finished with KELLWOOD company the formalities of complete a business transaction about detailed account of assets of group of Hong Kong new horse, it is reported, this second the group realized net assets and buy Yageerji, trade amount is 120 million dollar. What group of elegant dagger Er gets is to distributing the 14 production base in and other places of sri lanka, Philippine, Guangdong, Jilin, Shenzhen, include POLO, Calvin Klein inside the ODM of 20 many well-known trademarks processes business, have 5 accredit such as Nautica, Perry Ellis to permit a brand. In addition, the top group that group of elegant dagger Er still got one has number 10 years to the international brand of experience manages and design experience; An understand United States counts department store of a hunderd schools inside the sale channel that sells a site; One makes sure these products arrange flow to enter the powerful other people of this department store to shed a system.

Li Rucheng of president of group of elegant dagger Er says when accepting a reporter to interview: After “ is bought, yageer's productivity will achieve 80 million, become the world's biggest men's clothing company. ”

Dagger Er generation processes world famous brand more want own brand to infiltrate Euramerican International designs a group to blend in Yageer

The design group that the group of more new horse that Yageer values is in Hong Kong and the content that are in the United States shed a system, new horse group is right the ODM business of world famous brand, it is production of a kind of licence, can achieve complete own design and own sale. Business of top class brand needs to approbate only sell with respect to Fu Zhu.
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