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Good child: Stand fast intellectual property fort marchs to world brand

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Good child: Stand fast intellectual property fort marchs to world brandSince last year, group of Jiangsu good child is experiencing development in course a common least of all year: The market competes turn white-hot with each passing day, together with RMB appreciates, raw material rises in price, exit drawback rate is reduced wait for element combined influence to fall, the company stood unprecedented pressure. Although falling hard with all possible means, group total sales revenue still broke through 3.3 billion dollar, but profit grew 3.8% only however.

Face and unseemly number and even more hard live environment, ” of “ good child experiences “ deeply commanding elevation of occupational intellectual property and accelerate what own innovation ” develops to the enterprise to want meaning. The manner when Quan of intermediate of leaf of assistant of company general manager is accepting our newspaper reporter to interview is sturdy: We want “ hard high speed, continuously development new product washs out old product, want to cast the competitor at the back far not only, also want to be important chip to march to world brand with this. ”

Good child: Stand fast intellectual property fort marchs to world brandOwn innovation is ecbolic ” of “ good child

According to Introduction Xie Zhongquan, ” of “ good child is the earliest grew to rely on own intellectual property namely actually build. Predecessor of ” of “ good child is the school-run factory of middle school of home of land of city of elder brother hill, rely on faint process capability, cadge everywhere treatment business, toddle dimension difficult. Later, because the project invests error, endowment not pay a debt in kind or by labour, be close to closing down. Song Zheng of teacher of the vice-president at that time, mathematics recieves orders at jeopardy during, he puts forward above all: “ creates the product that does not have on the world, master oneself destiny. ” does not have experience, without the technology, without capital. A few him teachers run the market, translate a data, make sample, grind eventually gave out a kind to be able to be pushed already, what can shake again is muti_function pram, filed patent.

However, because lack capital of put into production, the factory is obliged patent of sell one's own things, gained the income of brushstroke intellectual property, this is sturdier the plant takes hope of own innovation viatic. After studying the market deep, the factory is caught research and development push from unseen “ on a kind of market, shake, sit, row, the 4 functions pram of all travel ” , filed patent, applied for brand of ” of “ good child, the factory is incognito also factory of baby carrier of good for city of elder brother hill child. A few teachers are carrying this baby carrier, journey north and south to each big market mixes all sorts of exhibiting to be able to go up promote, prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan eventually dozen red.
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