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Bono Tailor, wear areas to create the first brand in China

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End of the year 2010, the clock counts down the end of the year inventory of all walks of life have been launched, and wear the domestic market in the past year, how is the big picture of it? Expert says According to industry experts calculate, as of 2010, China's overall market wear Field size has reached 80 billion yuan, of which the wear of SMEs and institutions with a significant market value buy, the scale at least a hundred million yuan or more. Currently, the entire apparel industry segments in the market still does not do fine, but has not conducted specific SMB market segments and full excavation. Although developed for the SME market is still in the exploratory stage, but some apparel companies have to try it. Bird Group as the good news so rich deep industry background and strong production capacity of large enterprises has been one step ahead of the first to enter the SME market institutions buy business attire. As we all know, clothing is a highly competitive industry, SMEs and institutions buy for the same face of the various types of business competitors, large national brands, small local brands in all regions. Because the market is relatively small buy more special, so in the product, promotion, channels and business models, both with very different traditional markets, such as: market perspective (customer demand more diverse and dispersed groups), a product perspective (design more fashion, personalization), channel development (marketing network focused on the first-tier cities, capital cities), business model (home telephone marketing + description), the background response rate (shorter delivery) and so on. However, we are all doing business wear apparel industry buy the business, which means that competition is widespread. In the past year, buy small areas of wear, Bono Tailor brands continue to have maintained a prominent position. The reason, their brand, marketing, channel construction and other aspects of the overall performance is very good. Analysis of industry experts, in order to occupy the commanding heights of the field of Chinese business wear, the most important investment in the company's strength and intensity. To Bono Tailor brand, for example, the brand's biggest advantage comes from its strong background and leadership on the strength of the brand concept of people. Industry experts to further analysis to the market now Bono Tailor inputs and performance, its goal is to wear in the future become the first brand in the field. Brand of self-assessment Bono Tailor brand operations director, said Ma Xiaoqing, was able to buy in the SME market competition in the win position, primarily because of the following unique place. First, different brand positioning: Bono Tailor is the good news of the positioned Bird Group launched a customized high-end enterprise business fashion wear brand, in China the most important "fashion custom" concept. Fashion business, personalized service in a personalized style of dress the needs of fashion elite business groups and provide one to one site the amount of body services. Second is to design different styles: Bono Tailor has a team of more than 200 senior technical and design team consisting of staff from the clothing style design, fabric development, materials with other aspects of their quality. Launch fashion business, personal business, classic business three series of products, covering suits, shirts, accessories etc., complete category rich in style. Third, the quality of different techniques: learn the essence of the European suit manufacturers, combined with modern technology, well-cut reference to Asian body characteristics, the use of world-class equipment, in strict accordance with procedures Seiko secret agents, 385, 30 points of quality control checks at each level is made to achieve thin , soft, and keeps the best dressed effect. There is a different surface materials: careful selection of fabrics and accessories brand as the world's top partners to ensure that the material presented to the best effect and high-end clothing perfect quality. Finally, services are different: The CRM customer relationship management system to provide perfect, good service (completed on time, timely delivery, free rework and replacement, routine maintenance manuals to provide clothing, etc.) to ensure that customers without any worries. Bono Tailor brand relevant responsible person said that success in 2010 after the record industry, the future of foreign markets from the corporate structure to some of the new strategy will make the adjustment in line with market rules, the brand future will definitely go further.