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Fujian textile suffers capital and labor shortage worry

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As all sorts of production management cost rises considerably, chinese medium and small businesses this year pressure particularly apparent. A lot of problem such as financing, management, technology, make development of medium and small businesses encounters all-time bottleneck.

Limited company of clothing of fontal state heavy full figure is the Fujian Province a typical civilian battalion company, basically be engaged in clothing outlet managing. “ the order that we are foreign trade, main export goes to England and Canada. But very stagnant this year, exit decreased about 20% to 30% the left and right sides. The controller of ” this company to " China produces classics news " reporter introduction path.

The question with the biggest now “ is capital problem and labor problem. ” this chief says, “ bank loan is quite convenient, but line of credit is lower than before many. ”

Zhuang Yue of deputy director general enters bureau of business affairs of city of river of Fujian Province advance to also said frankly a few days ago, the country is carried out this year from tight monetary policy, make source of company credit fund decreases, because partial medium and small businesses loses bank credit support, produce can get great influence.

In money constrictive setting falls, bank credit means gradually by assure between the enterprise to objective mortgage loan respect tilts, line of credit is moved further low, increase the pressure of domestic and international economic situation, rein in of rate of flow of the capital between the enterprise, the capital have enough to meet need of most enterprise encountered difficulty.

Labour force inadequacy also is fontal city the general issue that medium and small businesses exists. “ worker is too little ah. Basically be a lot of factories are moved there Jiangxi and Jiangsu now. Because the part is versed in therefrom comes to the person, some labour are so factitious convenient, did not come down. Still the worker that is now thinks he becomes a boss, with respect to the person that brings old home, arrangement works in the factory that he leases temporarily. ”

This controller still expresses, governmental respect also does not have the favourable policy with apparent what, and various duty are many.

The reporter asks this exit retreats tax rate to adjust pair of their influences to have how old when, this controller speak bluntly, rate of this second exit drawback is adjusted theoretic tell, can go up in certain level slow down pressure, but the effect that suffers a RMB to appreciate to carry advanced and a lot of element considerably with cost of raw material, labor continuously, the effect that predicts this second exit retreats tax rate to adjust pair of their companies is not apparent. (Yan Qin)

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