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Area brand drives Shenzhen garment industry to upgrade

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Will look in the experience that industry of specific area of the advanced experience that develops from foreign garment manufacturing industry and home grows, construction area brand will drive an industry to upgrade greatly the change with industrial pattern

In July 10—12 day, the 8th China (Shenzhen) Fair of dress of international brand dress is held ceremoniously in center of Shenzhen international exhibition.
During Fair, the large trade forum such as ” of forum of high level of ” of forum of industry of general merchandise of ” of ” of forum of “ Sino-Japanese Han, forum of “ international female outfit, “ , “ and join in congress of business, agent, dress designs a contest to wait for activity of large form a complete set to be held as scheduled; In fashionable district show of brand of stylist of domestic and international famous fashionable dress performs a field inside 5 houses ceremoniously also.  
In the inside and outside that exhibit a house, “ song force thinks of graceful Er of ” of ” , “ An Lifang, “ Jiessie ” , “ to think of An Nai of ” of ” , house of “ fair maiden, “ the numerous country famous brand such as ” appears to be handed in greatly in succession meeting, exhibit with the static state, the form such as beautiful field, PARTY, evening party to industry, reveal a brand to broad consumer the culture concept of the richest fashionable originality, fashionable element, humanitarian elegant demeanour.
20 years, success is brilliant
2008, it is the 20th year that Shenzhen garment industry grows.
20 years ago, when the pioneer that is full of ideal, the first dress was built to machine manual mill in Shenzhen, proclaimed the birth of ” of “ Shenzhen dress.
After 20 pass today, shenzhen dress has developed become have many 3000 company, many 800 have a brand oneself, year realize production value many yuan 1200, export many yuan 100 advantage convention industry, have clothing company many 3200, from personnel of course of study 40 much, have a brand oneself 800 many, among them domestic famous brand 200 many, the product is popular home 100 many big in city.  
The industrial system that Shenzhen garment industry already formed form a complete set to perfect stage by stage and collect an advantage, emerge in large numbers gives force of Er of Ma silk humble, song to think of, love of house of Ma Tiannu, Feinidi, fair maiden, love spy, shadow, the well-known trademark enterprise such as Ou Ni near, Deng Hao, Ge Lanxiu, education went the stylist of world famous dress such as Liang Zi, Luo Zheng.   
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