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Qingdao turns over season dress to sell today summer meet with cool detachment

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Opposed the highest summit that season dress sells just about August, insular city sells for the most part holding the large eider down that turn over season to take sales promotion activity. The average discount that eider down takes is hit 5 fold the left and right sides, every average price also just 100 multivariate, and every price controls the cheapest eider down waists-coat 30 yuan only. Nevertheless, the reporter investigates discovery, of the citizen buy enthusiasm to be carried however do not rise, these dress that turn over season resemble in former years no longer in that way “ is very popular ” .

High-key “ sings ” eider down of several years takes winter dress to turn over Ji Date to sell, at present is in again insular city sweep exceed ” of strong “ tornado. On August 18, in Ningxia road reporter of a market sees, this bazaar vacates one chunk place technically to be on sale eider down is taken, the dress turning over season such as unlined upper garment of cotton coat, wool, these dress great majority hit the 5 low that fold, not be very well-known trademark individually even with 23 those who fold exceed low sale. Although the sale that turn over season is inferior on the price, but consumer is like and not buy it, client of the great majority in bazaar answers in the choose and buy season dress, will be on sale the constituency that area choose and buy opposes season winter dress is very few.

In the stage east 3 commerce shopping mall, a lot of businessmen hit “ to turn over the brand of Ji Qingcang ” in the doorway, although the value plunges greatly, can go the person of patronage also is very few. The activity turning over season of businessman of “ in former years always can do in full swing, can see dress skirt, T-shirt tries the customer that eider down serves from morning till night, although their heat gets kubla khah dripping wet, but still was another to try, some people are bought is 3 two. Manager of ” some market tells a reporter, the person energy of life that turns over season eider down to take this year is far be inferior to in former years, consumer often settle on two go person, sale is returned not as good as the half of in former years.

When the reporter comes up against citizen poplar lady, she is in Ningxia road of this bazaar sell the essence in field to carry fine choose eider down to take. “ thinks the eider down that buys a petty gain is taken really, but after looking, discovery is the old style a few years ago. Ms. ” Ms. Yang is knitted beetle-browed say, these eider down take feeling letting a person too common, fashionable element is done not have. Besides design stale, the personage inside course of study is analysed, the eider down that turn over season is taken treating cold main reason is now eider down takes retain the amount became large, the family that takes without eider down looks for a few not to come out almost, this affected the sale that eider down takes directly.
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