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Bombazine of exit of area of Home Zhang harbor glides to drop compared to the sa

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According to Home Zhang harbor discrepancy condition examines quarantine bureau statistic, 1-7 month, area of Home Zhang harbor exports bombazine in all 2552.8 tons, drop compared to the same period 14.1% .

Since this year, spin industry suffers economy of western developed country to put delay, RMB to appreciate continuously, the cost that use worker worker rises, the adverse element influence such as circulating fund shortage, production puts delay, exit receives block, benefit glides. Area of Home Zhang harbor exports bombazine quantity to decrease apparently, industry of spin of area of Home Zhang harbor also expresses economic benefits to glide in succession, appear even deficit.

By July, the exit drawback that total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state announces to remove textile, garment from August 1, 2008 moves two percent on rate, this is undoubted to spin enterprise be provide timely help lift, bombazine of area of Home Zhang harbor exports a quantity to also will pick up significantly subsequently.

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