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The sea on the west lion of stone of settle of center of research and developmen

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Classics municipal government considers to decide, stone lion city will create Fujian Province of great capacity science and technology of dress of technology academy spin serves platform on the west, the reporter learned this from bureau of tourism of style of city science and technology yesterday. This action reachs those who acquire whole technology to transform to dress of spin of stone lion city upgrade have active sense. Build pace to accelerate platform, the our city established “ sea a few days ago spin technology research and development serves on the west (stone lion) ” of group of central preparatory leader, create the office in base of hatch of cross-strait science and technology of stone lion city.

As we have learned, spin dress science and technology serves the sea on the west platform is by hall of Fujian Province science and technology, Fujian Province sea on the west project academy and combination of academy of Chinese spin science establish. Stone lion city is afterwards after long happy city, the science and technology of dress of the 2nd spin that complete province establishs serves platform, also be fontal city district science and technology of dress of the first spin serves platform, the promotion that basically reachs new technology in order to catch the research development of whole technology is given priority to.

Before this, project academy reachs Fujian Province of great capacity for many times on the west stone lion researchs spin clothing company, think the our city has the condition of each respect foundation that creates spin dress science and technology to serve platform, agree to establish science and technology of dress of Fujian Province spin to serve platform in stone lion, will give support on capital.

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