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Global dress sells state aggravation to I export a company or meet with the dema

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In the shop of French Paris, clients choose dozen change clothing. Be in Germany at present the international dress that Dusaierduofu holds is exhibited on, ceaselessly industry expert issues a warning: Suffer effect of periphery economy environment, europe and state of global dress sale tend exasperate. Here setting falls, the relation of dress shopkeeper and supplier will face test, the negative effect that reckons dress of this pair of our country exports a company will be shown stage by stage.

According to union of German spin trade (the data that BTE) releases, the sale situation of German garment industry is not ideal first half of the year this year, this year 3, was close to 0 growth April. A few medium or small because shopkeeper inn fails to foreknow in time sell difficult position and continue to order goods in great quantities, circumstance of partial occurrence keep long in stock. The sale state of the monopolistic retailing shop with a lot of dress onefold breed especially not beautiful. Face a sale low fan, a lot of Germany shopkeeper inn from May the middle ten days of a month begins to be hit with respect to the summer lose sales promotion, the discount is bigger, also shift to an earlier date than in former years on time.

The data that has a research organization shows, suffer storefront operation cost rises, keep long in stock takes up cash shedding and dozen fold wait for element influence, germany is medium or small dress is filled with interest rate to be only before the duty of retail business 0.9% .

Analysis of union of German spin trade says, dress sells state aggravation, basically be the influence that is put delay and high price by economic growth. Oil price, electrovalency reachs food price to rise considerably since this year, already successive a few months push German inflation rate 3% above, this affected consumptive apiration of the dweller directly, save expenditure thereby, raise deposit. Data shows, this year 1 to March, 14.8% what savings ratio of average per capita achieves gross earnings, this was 1993 the top level since. “ of German common people covers closely the state of pocket ” , mirrorred on certain level at present global dweller consumption slants close common phenomenon.

The expert inside course of study points out, appear first half of the year this year “ is unexpected the sale of ” is small fan, the likelihood makes the intense concern between dress shopkeeper and manufacturing business more exasperate. Dress produces the value policy that business blames retail business is slashing all the time, and shopkeeper is in must make the state that loses a sale, be sure farther depress dress purchases the value, fabrics price also can be affected likewise.

At present global dress shopkeeper and manufacturing business are undertaking 2009 of dress of Chun Xia season order goods negotiation. The expert reminds, in a such difficult period, can predict dress distributors will be more careful to ordering goods: With previous pursuit stability the photograph that offer money is compared, pay attention to agile maneuverability possibly now more; The measure that orders goods ahead of schedule is possible will cut, lowermost order also may need renegotiate.
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