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Of China " the shark is taken " He Ri comes forward

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Beijing Olympic Games wins all over the world to acclaim, especially world record is broken again and again, record-breaking is just as behead melon to cut course, appear unexpectedly the “ feat ” that 5 teams break world record at the same time, there already is 40 for many times now on the meeting world record is broken. The expert thinks, high-tech is the first impetus that obtains good result, scientific training and high-tech equipment are to rise today the mace of two big killer of athletic success. Give birth to intelligent sneaker ” to “ copy from swimsuit of ” of “ shark skin, use the progress that high-tech method place obtains, improved the athlete's result greatly, high-tech equipment of the athlete is called ” of lawful “ a shot in the arm, make the focal point that orgnaization of global sports scientific research pays close attention to. Zhang Yadong of total coach of Chinese natant team expresses, “ we do not wish to be defeated to go up in hardware first, that is equal to admit to fail ahead of schedule. Since tide cannot be changed, can suit only. ” then China swim army face a transhipment of through cargo, when kicking off to still have 8 weeks from the Olympic Games, to Australian Speedo company swimsuit of ” of skin of shark of the urgent “ that order, brash a China swim the hand is obtained only each match 2 “ shark to take ” , not quite formfitting still, but effect is get effect instantly however, china swim the hand also breaks world record immediately, win the much face medal such as gold, silver-colored, copper. Speedo company makes material of equipment choosing fiber bureau of American spaceflight aviation has obstruction test, fast platoon does the water between a tailor-made cistern general swimsuit in the product and body, hand in textile to detect authoritative orgnaization will examine the effect, offer detect data undertakes improvement. The development development that “ shark takes ” is the systematic project with a huge dimensions, much discipline cooperation, athletic fabrics is becoming the target of research and development of key of sports powerful nation, line of business of fabrics of our country clothing whether serve as somewhat, open the ” of “ shark skin that gives out Chinese type at an early date? The phoenix bamboo spin that regards fabrics of our country motion as main supplier hand in hand American Ying Wei amounts to a company, and become detected ITS company for the athletic brand such as NIKE, Adidasi, new product obtained a breakthrough.

Speedo company is overlord of fabrics of the swimsuit on water, and American Ying Wei amounts to a company is overlord of onshore motion fabrics, ying Wei amounts to the COOLMAX fabrics of development, use 4 conduit fiber, pass contemporary and special catchment to handle, your water portion fluctuates quickly in dress “ underside ” ambulates, function of sweat of platoon of its moisture absorption is 10 times of material more general, can maintain the hot balance of human body effectively, make the athlete maintains groove, the gold powerful group such as the team of dream of basketball of Chinese ping-pong team, United States all is wearing the sprotswear that COOLMAX fabrics makes. The permeability with good sprotswear and perspire all over the gender is the key that improves result, phoenix bamboo spin hand in hand Ying Wei amounts to a company, the textile that combines global tip detects authoritative orgnaization ITS, roll out moisture absorption to discharge sweat, fight bacterium deodorant, fight fabrics of motion of ultraviolet three-in-one function, and the new product such as anion scent fabrics, held Qiu Dongxin of ”2008 of fashionable China of · of “ fashionable Olympic Games to taste fabrics to recommend meeting, rolled out many 20 ceremoniously 100 a variety of is fully loaded with of Olympic Games amorous feelings taste fabrics newly, li Ning, how to step, Hong Xinger gram, interest bully, 361 degrees wait 200 many sneaker take a brand to attend a meeting participate in, be profuse in praise to new product. Fujian advance river is base camp of production of our country's biggest kit, sneaker, of kit of so-called “ China ” , emerge in large numbers goes out how to step, Jordan, special the manufacturer of famous campaign series such as bird of 7 Lei Su of pace, 361° , De Erhui, CBA, wolves, noble, phoenix bamboo spin is fabrics of motion of advance river place the biggest supplier, the condition is advantageous. The layer of inside and outside of fabrics of the three-in-one that fight UV that the company rolls out uses moisture absorption to discharge sweat fiber, have both sweat of moisture absorption platoon, fight ultraviolet ray and fight bacterium deodorant function, main application installs; at the sportswear of of all kinds and outdoors motion such as basketball, football and anion scent fabrics has anion to launch a function, give a person with pure and fresh and cozy feeling, basically apply at the indoor sprotswear such as ping-pong, badminton, gem gal.
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