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"Xia She " drive early war of trade of businessman of autumn outfit peep arrives

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On August 7, although ” of “ the Beginning of Autumn already came, weather still lasts however high temperature. Even if is such, the summer wear this year is hit fold upsurge still as agreed upon and to, still shift to an earlier date somewhat than in former years on time even. Meanwhile, new fund autumn outfit also ground of too impatient to wait appears on the market early, accompanying “ summer wear the 5 propagandist cards that break ” , greeting customer.

” of “ the Beginning of Autumn just passed, the whole nation each are big bazaar happens to coincide the ground entered the discount season this year. In the capital, summer wear is hit fold agitation to already swept across each big market; And understand according to the reporter, summer wear of and other places of Hangzhou, Changchun already also began to be hit substantially in the round fold. It is reported, suffer Beijing Olympic Games, prices to rise the influence that waits for an element, summer wear is hit this year fold time to compare shift to an ealier time of in former years more than 20 days. In addition, get capital and countrywide major area day after day the influence of weather of overcast and rainy, autumn outfit already also appeared on the market in the round.

Time of ” of ● “ Xia She shifts to an earlier date ●

Discovered when visitting capital market a few days ago, arrive again season of change garments according to the season, each are big bazaar launched a trade war about ” of “ discount strength, ” of marked “ discount card held the optimal position of the brand shop of each brand or bar almost, strength from 3 fold, 4 fold 5 lose by no means an isolated case. The personage inside course of study discloses, of price of current provision, gas rise, the traffic control during the Olympic Games, what became people disappear take time is important think element, because the ” of “ discount big fight of summertime goods is more about the same than in former years this this year early a month. The summer wear that has not pass s surname for the most part already began all fronts to hit lose sales promotion, at the same time autumn outfit receives more and more new funds to appear on the market repeatedly, the “ of two season dress is the same as Xia Qiu field athletics ” makes a in nowadays bazaar distinctive view.

Almost annual Xia Mo should be held 5 change the fashionable clothing brand that sells the VERO MODA of the meeting, ESPRIT to wait to occupy position in youth heart especially this year more not exceptional, having many summer wear is this year new fund that not long ago just appeared on the market, seem to just was taken from storeroom stuck the 5 label that change directly. Accordingly, the consumer that participates in activity of ” of “ Xia She to wash money this year people not difficult discovery, the “ of the discount contains Troy ” to want to exceed in former years, design is new and size is total.
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