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Custom is experience " severe winter " spin enterprise is carried out " be out o

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On July 31, total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state is given out jointly " the announcement that waits for partial commodity to export drawback to lead about adjusting textile dress " . " announcement " point out, since August 1, 2008, the exit of partial textile, dress drawback is led by 11% rise 13% . This second exports those who withdraw tax rate to go up tone is undoubtedly those who be close to predicament is medium small spin enterprise notes ” of next stitch “ anodyne, but because the RMB appreciates, outside need cost of atrophic, labor to increase the influence that waits for an element, the profit that Yuan Chao passes drawback to bring is good, adjust a key to hold an industry in downstream knitting kimono plus this, most spin enterprise still holds pessimistic view, do not value spin perspective.

“ go up this rate of v mouth drawback has not involve abb to process a business, to deal with predicament, avoid prediction of a person's luck in a given year of skilled worker worker, our company is forced to adopt a week start working 5 days to rest two days, decrease produce the means such as a line to come lash-up, but this is not long-term plan. Now still is not us when abb treatment company is the most difficult, a few order that receive first half of the year after all still can keep production constrainedly, but arrived the end of the year when? Do not know when ability when of textile anabiosis? The controller of enterprise of some wool spinning expresses free tax zone of harbor of Home ” Home Zhang greatly anxious. The current situation of this enterprise is an epitome of ” of severe winter of “ of whole textile experience only. It is reported, 2003 - the spring that 2007 is whole spin industry, especially 2007 is spin industry more when development impetus is the fiercest, the enterprise was introduced accordingly large quantities of equipment, expanded to produce can. 2008, ” of “ cold winter will raid, spin export market is rapid and fatigued and weak, numerous enterprise is faced with for an instant produce can superfluous, capital cannot the awkwardness such as corner of have enough to meet need, many goods, below such vicious circle, a lot of medium and small businesses already stop production, large company also foreground can care. The adjustment that numerous abb machines an enterprise to be able to send a hope to export drawback policy at downstream product only will conduce to increase export, spur foreign demand, industry of smooth and whole spin produces chain, the development of industry of spin of the upper reaches in indirect support.

Free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor has sky, bay abundant at present, assist many large abb such as friend processes a business, it is the throughout the country's biggest abb concentration is produced and export base, 2007 abb of free tax zone export volume occupies our country abb 35.8% what export gross, rank the whole nation the first, the atrophic certainly will that abb treatment company produces affects the macroeconomic development of free tax zone. Custom of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor develops it may be said to promote abb to process a business elaborative. What we can do “ at present is to be an enterprise to offer ‘ one-stop ’ serves, if be aimed at abb the difficulty that exit measures big, sailing date to tighten, let an enterprise be declared beforehand to custom, custom basis asks Saturday, weekday overwork check is put, carry out card mouth 24 hours check is put, close in order to ensure the enterprise can be connected in time, reduce company cost, offer for wool company excellent service and convenient close. ” should involve a practice that involved introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad millet of family section member to list custom one by one. Operation of abb treatment company steps forward dimension difficult also gave custom of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor to bring a variety of pressure. If need monitoring industry hoard for speculation to be in a large number of goods of storehouse, or want abb of advertent where home to machine an enterprise to go bankrupt suddenly brought series issue, the member that this need custom closes can refine with respect to a pair of piercing eye, shorten cancel after verification is periodic, increase the number of make an inventory of goods in a warehouse leaving a plant. 7, August is high temperature alarm when be being pulled noisy, abb storehouse is heated up again smelly, the Chen Liang of the member that close of improvement trade division keeps taller all the same check rate, give an issue in order to ensure abb is not superintended. Abb treatment company grows “ now very stagnant, while we make good service, also should make sure national revenue is receivable all close, this is the duty of our custom person. ” Chen Liang expressed the opinion of own guileless.
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