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The brand is managed still be in life of brand of dress of cubhood our country t

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Although hero resides the world the more than 1st year,the crop of our country dress and exit are measured, although the garment industry of our country crossed a brand to manage by treatment industry model times, but must admit, the management of brand of our country dress still is in cubhood however.

The dress brand that our country appears the earliest, it is more by a few doing for foreign brand marry what the clothing firm that the consciousness in the garment becomes aware first founds. The person that these become aware first people from exterior formally the bag puts on a brand to come, the times that consumes recognizant Gang Qimeng in our country brand is a creation really. Because dress is a content of science and technology not tall, enter a light industry, look in a lot of people, achieve dress brand to oppose a control easily. Then, if 2000 clothing company can have the appearance of brand of more than 2000 dress,appeared in a few places. Rise as clothing company a large number of heroes, as the grow in quantity of outstanding brand, what consume an idea as common people is mature with each passing day, demand is refined with each passing day, as costume market brand contend for grow in intensity, be like,brand of a few dress is born emerge, and a few extremely red what temporarily dress brand disappears is fast startling also.

Decay begins in the process to higher end transition when a few outstanding dress brands, when the sale force of the designs force, brand cultivation of the brand and brand rises ceaselessly, however brand of a few dress falls in succession in competition horse. With abroad photograph of brand of a few hundred years fashionable dress is compared, why of our country a few Ceng Dagong is big violet dress brand, adolescence if is here brief? Be what reason makes their decline is gotten so quick? How long does the life of brand of our country dress have after all? People can'ts help giving out a variety of doubt.

Dress economy problem studies the expert thinks, brand of our country dress hard the key that youth often is in, come from the concept obstacle at brand operator.

A few enterprises are in when starting a brand, dare to cut market pulse closely, innovate ceaselessly on the design, seek fine ceaselessly on character, go out ceaselessly on brand image new, but once the brand had positional hind in the market, brand operator innovates around demand of vicissitude of the market the enthusiasm of development dropped in temperature, to the mining of connotation of culture of spirit of the design development of the brand, brand, to the technology of the brand innovation and market extended devoted enthusiasm to also drop in temperature, they begin to deliver main experience and financial capacity in the bag mount of the brand, thought to protect the reputation of the brand, keep the additional cost of the product, the market position with hold together original brand, became the main responsibility of these operator.
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