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Soft actual strength can overrule the future that decides Chinese garment indust

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Recently, · China establishs the “ seven card that by seven card group and Chinese dress stylist association sponsors get a cup of fashionable China innovation to design invitational tournament ” , in Beijing D.PARK vogue design square is held. The dress regale that the …… of honored guest commissioner that the dress stylist of the bend force assistance of banner sex enterprise, country center, gorgeous “ China achieves ” dress, heavyweight formerly represented Chinese top level this appears what adumbrative “ China achieves ” dress formerly is brand-new.

The exit drawback rate of the textile of be puzzled our country of Chinese garment industry, dress rose in July by 11% restore 13% , and be apart from right now textile exit withdrew tax rate on September 15, 2006 by 13% reduce do not release time to the policy of 11% . What the backside that exports ” of push-up of “ of wave motion of drawback tax rate refracts is development of Chinese garment estate is helpless: Although Chinese garment industry has been the elementary factory that can stick a card to machine only no longer, but the killer mace that did not have the price, the world strategy of Chinese clothing company still appears walking is faltering.

30 years of reforming and opening, it is Chinese garment industry by arrive 30 years strong infirmly. However, load one's writing with fancy phrases of advantage of amount of a more support, price and become dress is big country, one lacks a nation to achieve the dress big country of characteristic formerly, be destined to cannot become the dress powerful nation on real significance quite.

Perhaps the adjustment of policy can be in short-term inside provide stronger competition ability for Chinese clothing company, but however cannot from go up at all the bewilderment that settles an estate: The gate of dress powerful nation, when can you just open wide to clothing company of China?

Soft actual strength, the close key of the door that opens dress powerful nation does not have the big country that culture outputs, call its right big country; A lack achieves the nation of characteristic dress formerly, also cannot become real dress power. China wants to become real dress power, must cast off pure the error that imitates the west, walk out of the “ China that has him distinguishing feature to start the journey of ” formerly.

in “ seven card · China establishs the spot that gets a cup of fashionable China innovation to design invitational tournament ” , the signing ceremony of research of immaterial culture bequest and protective fund ” holds the “ seven card that launchs jointly by limited company of group of Fujian seven card and Tsinghua university academy of fine arts formally. Seven card group head period will invest 5 million yuan of RMBs, be used at this fund run. Regard the immaterial culture bequest that Chinese head home sponsors by the enterprise as fund of research and protection, this fund whether become Chinese garment industry to lead to the close key of the road of dress powerful nation?
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