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South Fujian civilian look forward to " win " in the Olympic Games

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2008 Beijing Olympic Games reachs the Fujian such as fontal city, Xiamen to lion of Jin Jiang, stone south civilian battalion enterprise especially sports industry brings business chance. Beijing Olympic Games, became a regale that civilian battalion shoe takes production company south Fujian.

Hold as the success of Beijing Olympic Games, brand of young dress of Chinese native land sports also caused wide attention. Among them a variety of dress, sneaker comes from the lion of Jin Jiang, stone and fontal city, area austral the Fujian such as Xiamen. What natant group of we and nation signs “ is agreement of 4 years, we have a choice to actor or actress team member of excellent natant team makes the priority of our spokesman. The tall canal of company of a clothing tells ” stone lion when the favorable result that has Chinese natant team to be obtained on current Olympic Games, close with joy not approach mouth. 4 years of agreement of natant group of “ and nation, over or across 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Guangzhou inferior Olympic Games of carry, 2012 London, we will be adjusted somewhat on sale strategy of future. ” and business of a dress goes to the Xiamen that sponsors Chinese ping-pong team Beijing watchs game, another is arranged even if “ is after contest, communicate further cooperation to plan with national ping-pong team. ”

The Olympic Games is the costliest omnibus assistance project on the world, ” of “ introduction cost is as high as a RMB 440 million yuan, this still is ” of “ entrance ticket only merely, after “ introduction ” , the market that company place has is popularized, expenses is more tremendous. The shoe austral the most Fujian such as lion of Jin Jiang, stone and fontal city, Xiamen took an enterprise to choose strategy of curvilinear Olympic Games.

Need because of developing nowadays, the civilian battalion shoe south Fujian takes production company, establish center of battalion carry headquarters, settle accounts in Xiamen mostly, and build manufacturing base in the fontal state with industrial whole catenary. And during the Olympic Games, these shoes take lion of Jin Jiang, stone the bosses of the enterprise are absent already Xiamen, also be absent fontal city, all “ gathers together ” is squeezed into Beijing. These proprietor of an enterprises besides the achievement that masters an assistance movement group for a short while, still two things want to do, choose athlete and choose movement group. Make clear according to relevant data, in ” of index of expression of “ Olympic Games, expressional first-rate 12 enterprises, 5 are not ” of Olympic Games sponsor for “ , among them 4 come from fontal city.

The torch of Beijing Olympic Games ignited the ablaze emperor fire of domestic sports sale. Besides lay the view acquire line of achievement and potential athlete, sport besides, the shoe south Fujian takes bosses of civilian look forward to to returned a look to aim match resource. According to introducing, jin Jiang brand of one shoe look forward to is one-up already, the athletic equipment that the autograph makes the 11st the national games that will hold in Shandong Jinan in October 2009 about is only partner and appoint a sponsor.
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